The Samurai Success Motivating Council

David Olcott's motivating council grew out of an idea promoted by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich.


In the book, Hill recommends a practice in which he calls upon several leading individuals, both dead and alive, to join him in his office and to offer their counsel on whatever problem he wanted to solve.


Of course these individuals never appeared in the flesh, but they were as real in his mind, had they been sitting in front of him.


And, from this great idea, David created his own mastermind motivating council of great individuals who he consults with on a regular basis.


They give him counsel and inspiration. Perhaps you'll recognize some of them: 


  • Abraham Lincoln 
  • Mahatma Gandhi 
  • Albert Einstein 
  • Martin Luther King 
  • Jacques Cousteau 
  • Mother Teresa 
  • Walt Disney 
  • Henry Ford 
  • Thomas Edison 
  • Jackie Robinson




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