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Designing the Business of Your Dreams

One on One Business & Executive Coaching

Using Samurai Success’ Flexible Structural Coaching System™, our coaching team support you as you transition from being an employee to self-employed or strengthening the business you have already started.

Recognizing no two business (or people) are alike, our model allows you to design the business of your dreams. It will also offer you the tools and insights to enable sustainability, increase profitability and achieve mastery of your business today and long into the future.

The Samurai Success Flexible Structural Coaching System™ will help achieve results for you and your business through a systematic approach that includes:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of practices, processes and systems currently in place throughout your company and specifically in sales and marketing, operations and finance.
  • Clearly identify your future desired business visions and goals for company’s sales and marketing, operations, and finance.
  • Ability to bounce ideas, share vision, and vent without judgment to someone dedicated to helping you “win”.
  • In-depth discussion and analysis on how to present new ideas and information to your team so they truly understand it and incorporate it into their activities.
  • Work with divisions, team members and heads of departments to create seamless operations throughout the organization.
  • Coordinate simultaneous interdepartmental processes to create profound profitability.
  • Align and coordinate the efforts of various departments within the company in order to serve the greater company’s good.
  • Work with you to build an organization that supports your vision and desires.
  • Evaluate the personalities, behavioral models and communications strategies of current departmental teams and your company, as a whole.
  • Assist in understanding your employees’ motivations and determining if your current systems support or conflict with those motivations.
  • Analyze your present sales and marketing, operations, and finance structures.
  • Develop a written resource plan that bridges the gap of where your company is currently, to where the company’s CEO/owner wants it to be.
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