Executive Coaching

Designing the Life and Career of Your Dreams

One on One Executive Coaching

Samurai Success’ Flexible Structural Coaching System™ combines elements of our personal and business coaching models to offer up a path for executives to maximize performance and achieve the results you have long desired.

The model helps you clearly identify your goals, plot out a specific plan of action to achieve it, and offer you the tools to enable sustainability and mastery for your professional aspirations today and in the future.

All our coaching services involves dedicated hour-long weekly coaching sessions conducted in person or via video conference.

The Samurai Success Flexible Structural Coaching System™ will help achieve results for you and your business through a systematic approach that includes:

  • Create a compelling future.
  • Create momentum for consistent action.
  • Master your emotions.
  • Insure balance in ALL areas of your life.
  • Destroy beliefs that do not serve you and discover beliefs that will.
  • Move away from motivation and toward mastering the art of self influence.
  • Develop outcomes that keep you focused.
  • Introduce concepts and strategies relating to reaching personal wealth goals.
  • Clearly identify your desired visions and goals for professional future and develop a WRITTEN plan of action on achievement.
  • Development of tracking and measurement tools to monitor and insure you remain on track to achieve your goals.
  • In-depth discussion and analysis on how to present new ideas and information to your team and employers so they truly understand it and appreciate the value you bring to the organization.
  • Introduce concepts and strategies on how to organize one professional schedule successfully accomplish several tasks and projects with time efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Discuss communication techniques to strengthen one’s ability to be not just heard, but understood.
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