New Millennial Samurai

The Samurai were a fearless and powerful force of fighting warriors who ruled Japan for more than 600 years, from the middle of the 12th to the late 19th century.

They are revered in Japanese history.

In fact, their strict code of honor, skilled archery and swordsmanship are world-famous, and their exploits created many of the greatest stories and legends in Japan.

When Japan evolved from a land of feudal warlords to the modern unified state it is now, the Samurai also evolved. Their pursuits moved from the battlefield and into the realm of literature, arts and self-improvement. With those skills, they continued their life of servitude by becoming the teachers of craft rather than students of war.

The word Samurai comes from the Japanese verb “to serve.” It is upon this foundation that Samurai Success was created. Our dedication is always to serve something larger than ourselves and is a concept we impart to those we serve. It is a concept that has the practical benefit of rising up everyone evolved.

There are plenty of examples of individuals whose performance excels beyond expectation when they act “for something bigger than themselves.” We see it in the Olympics and World Cup where the host nations invariably perform better than expected. We see it in successful companies where the employees buy into the unified vision of the company and create a corporate culture that propels the company to great heights. We see it in the individual who gets more pleasure in spending time on the needs of others than on themselves.

With this in mind, Samurai Success strives, both for ourselves and for the people we serve, to forge a new type of warrior.

A warrior not born from battle but rather from the heartfelt pursuit of mastery. Returning upon the world the gifts mastery imparts by becoming a vessel of servitude to others. Recognizing the equal measured value of being the student and the teacher.

Becoming something greater than self.
Becoming in service of others.
Becoming A New Millennial Samurai.