Organizational Coaching

Design Your Ultimate Dream Team™

Using Samurai Success’ Flexible Structural Coaching System™, our coaching team support you as you transition from being self-employed to full business owner or strengthening the business you have already started.

Recognizing no two business (or people) are alike, our model allows you to design the business of your dreams. It develops the performance of your executive and support team, provides support in building YOUR business’ unique business model, and ties them both together by showing the comprehensive effect they have of your business profitability. The goal of our model is to provide you and your team the tools and insights to eventually enable a level of performance sustainability so that you as the owner can play whatever role you wish to play in your business.

This coaching service is only offered in conjunction with our Business/Executive Coaching service and is specifically designed for those businesses seeking to accelerate their growth and profitability.

By applying Samurai Success’ Flexible Structural Coaching System™ with your team, our coaches will help your organization achieve results through a systematic approach that includes:

Includes ALL aspects of the Business/Executive Coaching Service, plus:

  • Ensuring the CEO’s and/or the leadership team’s desired business visions and goals are implemented for sales and marketing, operations, and finance.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of processes and systems currently in place throughout your company with specific attention paid to sales and marketing, operations and finance. We will seek out answers to the question “How do decisions get made and approved?”
  • Evaluate the personalities, behavioral models, and communication strategies of current departmental teams throughout your company.
  • Analyze the team’s current functions in your company’s sales and marketing, operations, and finance structures.
  • Work with your team to develop clarity on how business operations are conducted.
  • Develop a written resource plan with the team that bridges the gap between where the company is currently and where the company’s CEO/owner wants it to be.
  • Create and implement a structural framework that produces the desired results.
  • Work with team to develop tracking and evaluation strategies to ensure success is sustained.
  • Showcasing the fundamental connections between operational performance and financial results of the company.
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