Samurai Success never takes credit for our clients’ success. The success our clients enjoy is in large measure to their commitment to building the life and business of their dreams. We share these testimonials as examples of the connections our clients have made between our service and their success along with providing an understanding of the value of investing in our coaching service.
I can’t even tell you what an amazing difference this coaching has made in my life.
–Steve Williams, CEO, Superfood, Inc.

We went from producing $600,000 a year with 81% in expenses to $1.4 million in production a year and 58% expenses. I now have the most outstanding ownership thinking team in the country. I could not have done it without you.

Dr. James Downs, DDS

For over 10 years I spent over a 1/2 million dollars in plans on creating the most beautiful new car dealership in the country. What I was missing was the team of people necessary to help me implement it. In less than a year, with Samurai Success coaching, we increased profitability from 2.6% to over 24% and our customer satisfaction level skyrocketed, giving me the certainty that I needed to build my dream. Today, my dream dealership is my reality and I could not be more excited about the future and what else is possible.

Brian O’Meara, President/CEO
O'Meara Ford

Don’t even think about hiring this guy unless you are serious about your goals.

David Irvine, Partner
Cornerstone CPA

When I decided that the Samurai Success coaching model was worth investing in, my goal for sales was $10,000.00 a week. After eight months of coaching I am now producing that sales goal in a single day.

David Kelly, Sales Manager
Our business had been moving along nicely for several years but not at the level we knew it could be. With Samurai Success’s coaching technologies we learned how to re-focus and re-prioritize on the most important elements to take our business to the next level.
M. Marta Sipeki & Z. James Czupor, Partners
The InterPro Group

Over an eight year period, we increased our annual revenues by 381%. Even more significantly, we built a small fledgling company into a systematized, well-oiled machine. We now have training, marketing, operational, and financial processes in place that I only dreamt about a decade ago. Our work is far from finished, and we look forward to many more years of a wonderful strategic partnership between Samurai Success and our team.

Chris Berger, CEO
Foundations Counseling, LLC

What this coaching helped me realize is that no matter what the market place or my competition is doing, as long as you have a strategic plan in place you don’t have to just survive. You can thrive in any environment.

John Myers, President
Myers Printing

When I sat down with Samurai Success I really wanted to talk about selling my business that had become such a hassle. Today I am re-energized, I love my business again, I have an amazing team of people that believe in what we are doing and have a landslide of new business. The only question I have now is how big do I really want my business to be?

Rick Lang, CEO
LMC Resources
I can’t even tell you what an amazing difference this coaching has made in my life.
Steve Williams, CEO
Superfood, Inc.
I had been living a life as a Denver Police officer for over 20 years. A good life, but not my passion. Today I am living my dreams as the host of the nationally syndicated Success Radio Show.
Mark Crowley, Founder & Host
Success Radio Show
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