Why Samurai Success?

Here are some of the questions we get about our services:

Isn’t this just wasting time to get me where I already am?

  • Yes, if all you want to get in mediocre. If you are a person seeking that next level and looking for access to that last 10 to 20% of achievement – the sixth gear of personal and professional performance, then Samurai Success is for you.

What can some “business guru” tell me about my business?

  • Nothing. Nor does Samurai Success tell you anything. We create a supportive and motivated environment for you to master and grow at what you do best.

That sounds great, but how?

  • Through our P3 Strategy


People + Process = Profits


Samurai Success is a research company. We research how people work and why they work. Trends are essentially created by people’s behaviors and actions. Understanding people gives us insights and aids us in identifying trends.

With this research in mind, we offer tools to support our clients in identifying the right people for the right seats. We offer strategies that can be used to identify current behaviors of your team that either support or detract from reaching your goals. We also offer tips on motivation strategies for your current team. In addition, we can conduct behavioral interviews for prospective new employees to assess whether they will be a good fit for you and the team.

In any system, the flexible part is the people. Since the only person that is guaranteed to be around is you, we encourage having team members that support your vision and have the skills and traits that will allow you to have confidence in your operations.



We spend time identifying the present situation by having clarity around the current processes within the company. In this exercise, we serve as the cartographers, mapping out your business current landscape. This gives us a vision of how things are happening right now. On any journey, one needs a starting point and an end point. This gives us our starting point.

Once we clearly identify the currents processes, we can then do an honest and accurate assessment of whether they will get us to our desire point. Sometimes the rules have changes. Whether it be with the economy as a whole or your industry specifically. Sometimes we discovered the current processes are antiquated or will not get us to where we want to go. This is where we change those processes so they will get us to your goals.

In addition, once we identify the “how,” we need to identify the “who.” Who are the right people to take us on this journey. This is the people part of the equation. At this stage, we make sure the right people are in the right seats. Since the roles that are needed have been clarified through our process review, we have a much better idea of the type of people and skills necessary for the job.




For people, results are the net sum of behaviors. For business, profits are the net sum of what the business does (process) and how it is done (people). Samurai Success coaching should the real, tangible connections between your profits and the specific business practices and team actions that effect it.

We have you explore all your financial statements and gain a great understanding how everything you and your team does each day increase or decreases your profitability. Yes, it requires knowing your business finances inside and out. Knowing your business so well that no one can talk you out of it. Not customers. Not employees. Even not yourself.

It is in this aspect of the P3 strategy where the tangible results are manifested. In addition, this is where the ROI on our coaching service become evident as our client can attest. We say this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the results of our work.

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