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Samurai Success offers a variety of dynamic seminars that all share a common trait – they will enlighten your audience and provide them with a memorable and valuable experience. Our seminars provide compelling presentations on such areas as personal development, team building, communication and effective leadership, just to name a few.

Below is a brief description of some of the seminars we offer. All of our presentations can be customized to fit the specific needs of your team or your organization.

For details on any of these seminars, please call Samurai Success, Inc. at 303-758-9567, or email [email protected].

Warrior vs. Worrier

This high energy and dynamic program is based on the code and strategies of the ancient Samurai. This seminar is offered as a half-day, full-day or three-day program depending on your organizations’ needs. This exciting, one-of-a-kind event offers participants the following benefits:

  • How to discover your passion and create a compelling future
  • How to get out of life what you really want, i.e. success, satisfaction, income, freedom, relationships, effectiveness, communications and self-understanding
  • How to create change in a heartbeat
  • How to create passion in your life
  • How to create laser-sharp focus in your life
  • How to develop outcomes that keep you focused
  • How to master your emotions
  • How to use the power of quality questions to get what you really want
  • How to understand the “Chain of Command,” the force that determines what actions you take
  • How to harness the secrets of nutrition and fitness to create a healthy and energetic body
  • How to break through the beliefs that have kept you from achieving mastery with the “Board Breakthrough Experience.”

The Wisdom of Outcomes

This event creates laser focus in your life! It is designed with the end in mind! Have you ever set a goal and watched it fade away over time?

Have you ever been frustrated with the process of setting goals and not reaching them? Have you ever completed a day, checked all the things off of your “To Do” list and then asked the question: “Is this all there is to life?” The Wisdom of Outcomes will teach you how to:

  • Understand and apply the new science of thinking- Outcome Focused!
  • Get much more accomplished in the same amount of time.
  • Use the awesome simplicity of Maze Technology.
  • Design your life’s flow with the end in mind.
  • Recognize time bandits and create more time.

The Power of Influence

Would you like to master productivity strategies? Have you ever wondered what makes some people excel more than others? Have you ever watched someone turn something around that you thought would never happen?

At this powerful and interactive keynote presentation, you and your team will be given specific ideas that you can use to increase your productivity immediately. Professionals around the country, who are in the top 1% of all income earners, use these skills and strategies. These ideas can be incorporated to measurably improve all areas of influence including sales, motivation, goals and productivity.


Using improvisation to improve communication and performance

Conducted by a trained staff with years of improv and business experience, IMPROVication workshops are an out of the book approach to getting out of the box.

They are interactive, enjoyable and, most importantly, informative, workshops designed how improv techniques can be practically applied in a variety of work and business settings. Our approach shows attendees how to develop the skills necessary to improve their verbal communication, listening skills, and adaptability.

IMPROVication workshops are geared to achieving seriously improved results in many areas such as:

  • building a better team
  • increasing sales
  • improving one’s overall performance
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